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the healing

90 views. 2019-3-13 17:24

The winds, not like automatically sneezing into the each pore of you while walking on the street several days ago which almost slash you into somewhere to avoid the direct encounter and now turning into gentle and tender freshness mixed with slight chilly on your face.

I got a serious cough last week, under suspicion caused by fog and haze weather those days. The doctor just reckoned not, the result is you got sick and the following priority thing is to cure it. Get sick is universal thing in your life, going to doctor is essential, the small alienment one time to hospital is enough to fix it up and of course you have to endure the several times lining up with chaotic background without mentioning the blood sacrifice you know. The worsened thing is your feeling is quite not good and hard to describe the symptom or the vague sympton not clearly enough to the doctor as you may guess the ensuing remedy is not right, what you have to do is waiting the illness corruption to clarify rightly the sympton, god bless you, it is a time comsuming road which afflicts your mind, body and spirits we may experienced one way or another. Ok, let back to my cough. Whether the remedy is right or not totally depends on after the medicine the improvement you have or not in short time, it has nothing to do with the time period accumulating. These days temperature up bolster my healing progress as a ferment, thanks for the god, maybe it is called the nature power in a way we may neglect long time ago.

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